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FINALLY! I get to reveal this announcement.


Give yourself a much needed and deserved TIME OUT!

If you're a fatigued entrepreneur, frustrated executive, frazzled professional or a

f‍king burned out health care worker, who's ready to rest, RELAX and reclaim your sanity and serenity—then join us in the majestic Canadian Rockies for this powerful, life enhancing wellness retreat.

We're using the word "retreat" loosely.

It's more like a weekend party with your besties with ALL the...

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What Do You REALLY Want?


Today, I want to talk about dreams and desires. What are your dreams and desires, especially the ones that you might have let go of long ago?

I remember going to my very first Jack Canfield event. And one of the exercises that we did was "What Do You Want?". And I recognized that here I was, like 45 years old. I had been adulting for quite some time. And it was a moment for me to actually like focus in on what do I want, not what my family or my parents want for me or what society wants, but...

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When Your Friday Feeling is Not So Fab!

It's Feel Fab Friday!! I do hope that YOU're feeling fabulous. That, after all is the goal—to have more high vibe, happy moments—more fun, more fulfillment and more freedom.

And the truth is that many people are NOT feeling fabulous...including me today!

I'm in a bit of a funk and I'm honouring that by upping my soul care today. Which, I will get to right after I finish writing you this note.

There was a time when my "dark night of the soul" went on for days, weeks and even years....

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