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Carla's Cocktail Confessional

What Do You REALLY Want?


Today, I want to talk about dreams and desires. What are your dreams and desires, especially the ones that you might have let go of long ago?

I remember going to my very first Jack Canfield event. And one of the exercises that we did was "What Do You Want?". And I recognized that here I was, like 45 years old. I had been adulting for quite some time. And it was a moment for me to actually like focus in on what do I want, not what my family or my parents want for me or what society wants, but...

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When Your Holidays Aren't Happy


Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. What I love about it is the mystique and how most people are so generous. There's just this generous spirit that is going on, and kindness and love is expressed at Christmas time. So it's generally a phenomenal time of year.

The problem for many people is that the holidays are actually more of a stressful time. Particularly if they're experiencing financial difficulties, or there's some kind of stress that's going on in their life. The...

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When Your Friday Feeling is Not So Fab!

It's Feel Fab Friday!! I do hope that YOU're feeling fabulous. That, after all is the goal—to have more high vibe, happy moments—more fun, more fulfillment and more freedom.

And the truth is that many people are NOT feeling fabulous...including me today!

I'm in a bit of a funk and I'm honouring that by upping my soul care today. Which, I will get to right after I finish writing you this note.

There was a time when my "dark night of the soul" went on for days, weeks and even years....

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Keep That Shit Up!


We were at the family party a couple of weekends ago, and on the way home, Riley was telling us that one of his favorite parts of the day was getting to sit around the fire with his cousins.

Riley said, "Deon made a comment that was strange. He asked if something happened with my mom and dad. I said, no. Why? And Deon said, 'because they seem happier than they've ever been before. Like, what changed, what happened?'"

Riley said, "I have no idea."

So Stew was driving and I was in the passenger...

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What the Heck is Healing With Humour?


Healing with humour is a revolution! It's about transforming the way we look at our emotional health and well-being.

Its about navigating ALL the FEELINGs - the good, "the bad" and the fugly (those are the ones that make you go WTF - where did that come from?).

A client recently told me that mental health is "heavy" and a serious issue.   Yup! And that's part of the problem. 

Anybody else a chronic over thinker? Stress and anxiety are mostly stories we make up in our head - and...

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Our Holiday Style - A Little Classy, A Lot of Sassy!


I wanted to share a quick post on my holiday preparations -- I'm getting the BAR ready for Christmas!

- There's the beautiful arrangement that was made for me in my nice wine glass.

- And then there's all the classy drinks too, like the glittery, embossed Be Merry Be Bright glasses.

- And then we get to this corner, which is the FUN side! There's Patrice, our Elf On The Shelf. And if you have followed me before, you know that, Patrice is a bit naughty and brings a little bit of fun and a...

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FriYAY Fun


Ok, the video doesn't show me laughing so hard...but I camera. And yes—I peed a little

Hope you get a chuckle...and maybe we should do this at our next ladies laugh night out?!?


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How are you limiting yourself?

When I was training to become a Success Principles trainer one of the exercises was to get feedback on how we were limiting ourselves. A dear friend said, “Carla, I see you limiting yourself by using humour to deflect your pain.”


I thought I was using my humour to make people laugh and feel better. Hell, I was doing it to make ME feel better. The problem was, I didn’t feel better. And he wasn’t wrong.

Back then I used a lot of self-deprecating humour that...

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Sip, Sip Horray


This. This is how I felt many times since the pandemic started. A little crazy and a whole lotta #angryhousewife 

Fortunately, things are starting to get a little more back to, I won't say normal, just a little less restricted and a lot more fun!



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