Ready to  feel happier, energized, & enthused about your life?


You're Craving Something

You know deep inside, there's something calling to your soul for fulfilment, freedom, and more joy, but you can't create space to actually connect to it. 


This is for the woman who:


✔ Loves to have fun, laugh, and enjoy life and knows it's been a while since she made time for that in her life.

✔ Is in a chapter of transition, feeling scattered because the path, or the plan, is not yet clear

✔ Is experiencing high stress or burnout that's impacting her health and relationships.

✔ ️Feels like something’s missing, but not sure what it is.

✔ Lays awake at night with worries, overwhelm, and the demons of doubt. 

✔ Feels isolated and alone 

✔ Lost herself, in all the roles, rules & responsibilities of adulting.

You wish you could:


✔ Exchange the everyday for a deep sense of wellbeing, enJOYment, and ease

✔ Start each morning feeling more peaceful, energetic, authentically confident and excited about the day

✔ Quiet that inner critic, mean girl that’s been so frickin’ loud




 Prioritize FUN & pleasure to feel more fulfilled 

Connect with other women & have meaningful conversations

✔ Rest, let go, release & SLEEP

 Change what you've been tolerating, accepting, and experiencing in positive and sustainable ways

It’s Time To Ignite Your Spark


This is an invitation to start having fun again, to rediscover the joy, spontaniety, and wonder that make life truly extraordinary! 

My Spark?


Your "Spark" is the best parts of yourself—passions, skills and strengths already within you. It is the essence of your Soul (sanctuary of unconditional love). Igniting your spark is discovering and loving who you are so you can show up as the person you want to be. 

Heck Yes. I Need This!




April 12-14, 2024

Jasper Park Lodge

Imagine a Radical Sabbatical


Let the power of the surrounding mountains seep into your soul and the beauty of this sanctuary give you space to breathe, dream and reflect. 

While also feeling the bone deep nourishment of a weekend of exquisite luxury, simple elegance, and soul-quenching sisterhood. 

If you’re ready to discover the seat of your deepest power and embody a lifestyle around the thoughts, beliefs, and actions proven to help humans thrive - including rest, play, health & community, then join us.

To have FUN!  Adults lose the ability to fully immerse themselves in pure enjoyment and fun, but never lose the craving for that level of freedom! 

The connections, conversations and community you'll create will nourish you long after you've gone home.

A radical sabbatical is a specific period of time in which you do different things from your ordinary life with the intention of exploring new energizing ways of living and working. Lean in to possibilities that you haven't yet imagined.


If your spark has fizzled out lately, join us and playfully kick up your heels to regain a newfound zest for life!

It's time to actively start creating the life you desire and deserve.



If the only thing that feels easy in your life is how the chaos and craziness of the world creates overwhelm & exhaustion in you...

We've got the solution to keep you calm & at peace, no matter what's happening around you.


When we are in a state of stress, our bodies are in survival mode.

We'll shift our energy from chaos to creation, overwhelm to peace, and burned out to fired up! 


Your innate power is often blocked by painful experiences from your past, beliefs about who you are and what you're capable of, and the "conditioned" perpetual need to prove your worth. 

You'll finally stop "proving" and start BEing your most powerful, passionate, authentic self—confident and real, without needing to be "perfect" 


We'll resolve and dissolve the underlying angst and tension.

Giving yourself permission to relax and have fun is an incredibly powerful tool, vital to your well-being.

When you ignite your unleash JOY.


YOU! You matter most. Full Stop. 

By choosing to put yourself first, by fully receiving this experience, you get to replenish your energy 

✨The Body heals with Play ✨

✨The Mind heals with Laughter 

✨The Spirit heals with Joy✨

Happy should never be restricted to an Hour


 To treat your chronic state of angst & tension, my Rx is to get the endorphins pumping with fun and laughter. We're going to decompress ALL of it at the start, so you can enjoy your much-needed transformational experience to the fullest!From our Happy Hour Welcome Party to our fond farewell, those hours will be filled with connection,  plenty of chuckles, and maybe even some "laugh so hard I peed a little" moments 


Nurture yourself like never before…


 With Soul-Care Sessions. Soul Care is enriching life experiences that feel good and nourish you so you can experience more abundance, ease, and fulfilment in your personal and professional life.  

One of the things Carla is known for is Healing with Humour...and we could all use a little healing of our nervous system that has been in survival mode, for WAY too long. You’ll learn how to live your life from the seat of the soul.

Don't forget your swimsuit for a soothing & refreshing dip in the outdoor pool & hot tub surrounded by magnificent mountains.



Give yourself Permission to Play


With FUNterventions.

Everything changes when you're having FUN. The components of real fun—connection, playfulness, flow—are cornerstones for you to thrive and enJOY life more.

The weekend is designed for you to s.h.i.f.t. and feel the happiest, healthiest, most lit up version of yourself.

Energizers, 30 second dance parties & an exhilarating quest will definitely elevate your energy. But wait, there’s more…

The Pizza & Pyjama Party Mixer is sure to have you unwinding and giggling. And the Come As You’ll Be Party is powerful, impactful and just plain fun!

"The retreat was absolutely phenomenal!!!   I went in with zero expectations and was overwhelmingly surprised at the powerful content" 



"I just experienced so many ah-ha moments. Thank you for this beautiful opportunity"


"Thank you again for the amazing experience this weekend. The retreat was exactly what I didn't know I needed.  Your ability to make the people around you realize their strength and power, while enriching us with your humor, is truly amazing! Thank you for reminding me what's important" 




Imagine creating the happier, more dynamic, energetic life you're dreaming of...this calling within you to explore a reality you didn’t know existed but know you have to go there and experience it yourself. 


We'll be creating a beautiful synergy between Blissful Relaxation and Energizing Fun!


You are ready to give yourself permission to rest deeply, let go completely, and have an adventure of wild laughter, joy, bliss, freedom…

This WILL enhance every aspect of your life—personally, professionally and in all your relationships.

Pinky swear

Say YES to YOU!

If your heart and soul are calling you to invest in your health and happiness, know this…When you say YES to your soul, Life says YES to YOU 💞

This Event is Available Again Next Year (dates to be announced)


Your Host and Spark Igniter. 

My love language is coffee, delicious cocktails, epic travel, and meaningful connections…sprinkled with laughing so hard tears, run down your legs!

I’m on a mission to inspire women to gift themselves Permission to Play

to Spark fun and laughter, igniting their power & passion! So, they can BE free to show up as their most joyful, flawesome selves & experience an extraordinary life!

I've got  some “street cred”

 ✔ 4x international best-selling author, including my book, Reignite Your Spark! and a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Spirit of Canada


✔ ️ Over 30 years, helping people navigate crisis and chaos, initially as a nurse, and ACTUAL firefighter. 


✔ ️Certified Success Principles Trainer, part of the Jack Canfield assisting team for over 5 years.    

✔ Host of The Permission to Play Show


✔ Toured in Canada & the US with 1-woman show, Shut the F💖k Up.


✔ ️ Transformation catalyst, who has experienced her fair share of drama, trauma and lived shitastrophies.


✔ I have navigated & healed deep grief, debilitating burnout, the darkness of depression & high functioning anxiety 

With great enthusiasm, intention, and yes, LOVE, I create life-enhancing experiences and adventures designed to deliver the ultimate mix of fun, self discovery, ease and JOY for YOU.