Join Us for the

Reignite Your Spark Retreat

March 31-April 2, 2023

If you're fatigued & frustrated, or burned out...

You won't want to miss this weekend getaway!

It's a vacation with the rejuvenating benefits of a retreat. 😘

This Is A Weekend Getaway You Won't Want to Miss!

Carla, You had me at hello!

Revive Your Health and Well-Being!


If you're craving more fun, adventure, passion & laughter...or if you need:

  • time and space to clear your mind & figure out what's next
  • get your mental, emotional & physical health on track

  • make new friends to support you on your journey,

You won't want to miss this much needed getaway in the mountains

The remedy?

Healing With Humour! 

Put a Pep In Your Step

In need of a simple refresh, or a wellness wonderland?

JPL is the perfect place for pampering.

Reclaim Your Sanity & Serenity

All the beautiful "Re" words... relax, rejuvenate, reconnect and recharge. You'll leave feeling re-energized!

Re-ignite Your Spark!

It's time to get LIT up! The body heals with Play, the mind heals with Laughter, and the spirit heals with Joy. This checks all the boxes!

Create your Bliss Blueprint

YES, you will have to return home to the chaos, AND you'll have your soul care plan to avoid burning out again.

This is not your usual wellness retreat!

Check out all the things we WON'T be doing...

We Won't Meditate for Hours

We’ve had too much quiet time, down time, alone time. The only thing that will be silent is that inner critic!

We Won't Eat Kale Salads

No green smoothies or fasting, either! Yes, cocktails and sinfully delicious food...for your mind, body & soul nourishment. And yes, of course, there will be wine…we hear it’s good for your heart!

We Won't Do Yoga or Work Out

Carla only does bedroom yoga. We'll only be stretching our minds & we'll work our core with belly-laughter! 

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Happy should never be restricted to an Hour...

 To treat that chronic state of angst & tension, Carla's Rx is laughter. Our welcome cocktail party will be filled with connection, and plenty of chuckles, maybe even some "laugh so hard I peed a little" moments 🤣

Whatever state of burned out, maxed out, stressed out you're in... BRING IT!

We're going to decompress ALL of it right here and now, so you can enjoy your much-needed Retreat weekend to the fullest!

Soul-Care Sessions

A guy that saw the title asked, "why don't you just call these meetings?" 🤦🏼‍♀️ 

Carla's passion is to inspire and empower high achieving women to find the funny faster, reignite the spark within, and heal from life's traumedies. 

In these sessions she uses her unique fusion of wit and wisdom to share how you can: relax to receive rather than hustle & grind; embrace your greatness; and experience more fun, EASE, and fulfillment.

These interactive sessions are exuberant, enlightening, and entertaining...does that sound like any meeting you've been to?


Oh, who are we kidding? We'll have Before, During and Afterparties all weekend! 

It's always a party, and an adventure when Carla's around. Her events & programs are designed to make you feel the happiest, healthiest, most lit up version of yourself.

The 30 second dance parties are always a big hit with attendees!

Don't forget your swimsuit for a soothing & refreshing dip in the outdoor pool & hot tub surrounded by magnificent mountains.

Did we mention SOMEONE ELSE will be cleaning up afterwards?

Take In Nature at it's finest!

There's no better surroundings to nourish your mind, body, and soul than the Canadian Rockies! 

If you've never been to this jewel, now is your chance!

The moment you turn off the highway, cross the river onto the snow covered road (yes there still may be snow in April...this is Canada) meandering through the forest you can feel the stress slipping away. ⁠

The peaceful presence of Elk and Deer - frequent visitors of the property, has that serenity you are about to experience, seeping into your soul! 

Breathe in the fresh air and let your dreams expand to match the vastness of the landscape. 

I'm In! Sign Me Up

Arrive with the smoldering ashes of your burned out life.

Leave RE-IGNITED; on Fire for your BIG Desires & Dreams!

Don't Achieve...Receive.


I get it, you're an over achiever, constantly striving for goals and dreams that seem to get further out of reach, and you become even more fatigued, frustrated and frazzled #askmehowIknow

You KNOW how to work hard, get through the hard stuff, navigate crisis and chaos.

What if it was easy? There is a better way...let me show you how.

Say YES to YOUrself.


Your body, mind & soul will thank you.

The beauty of Jasper Park Lodge and vista will give you time and space to breathe, dream and reflect. 

The connections, conversations and community you'll create will nourish you long after you've gone home.

When you say YES to your soul, Life says YES to YOU 💞


BEcome the Free, Fun, Fabulous YOU again


She's in there, I promise.

Want to learn how to DO less and BE...more you? So the fun, fulfilled, and fab lit up YOU shows up with your true personality and energy.

This WILL enhance every aspect of your life—personally, professionally and in all your relationships.

Pinky swear 😘

We'll be creating a beautiful balance between Blissful Relaxation and Energizing Fun!

Carla will share her personal Bliss Blueprint for how she went from #TheAngryHousewife to the happiest, healthiest, woman she once only dreamed of becoming. 

You won't want to miss it!

What's Included:

  • 3 Incredible days of connection with daily transformational (Soul Care) sessions plus lots of juicy conversation all weekend
  • Pre-retreat Happy Hour (virtual)
  • VIP welcome cocktail  party with hors d'oeu appies & your first drink
  • Free time to enjoy the first class amenities
  • Carla White comedy performance, it's still uncensored, unscripted and unbelievably funny!
  • 3 refreshment breaks
  • 2 mouth watering lunches
  • MOMosa morning mingler (with food)
  • FUN evening festivities
  • Epic moments - plenty of aha's & haha's
  • Fatigue First Aid Kit

What You'll Take Home:

  • Your personalized Soul Care Plan to face future drama & shitastrophies
  • Deep and powerful connections with a special group of AMAZING women.
  • Exceptional resources and tools to uplevel your life.
  • A physical, mental & emotional reset
  • A newfound energy and excitement for your life
  • Clarity on what's keeping you from living your dream life.
  • Incredible memories of an AWEmazing weekend
  • Surprise gifts & goodies

What's not included:

  • Transportation to and from Jasper Park Lodge. 
  • Accommodation at JPL (Special rates available).
  • Dinner on Saturday evening
  • Spa services or personal shopping 
  • Alcohol beverages (over what is included)

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Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

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Meet your hostess with the mostest

Carla White


Like you, wellness expert, humourist (spelled with a ‘u’ cause she’s a Canadian gal), and happiness catalyst, Carla White has experienced her fair share of drama, trauma and lived shitastrophies.
For over 30 years Carla has helped people navigate crisis and chaos to feel and heal their lives. A former nurse and ACTUAL firefighter, she now uses a radically different approach to well-being! She uses humour for the hell health of it! 😉
With great passion and intention, she creates the coolest, soul-stirring, life-enhancing experiences and adventures designed to deliver the ultimate mix of fun, personal expansion, and joy for YOU.
She is the author of the best-selling book, Reignite Your Spark! Carla is a contributing author in Chicken Soup for the Soul, and writer of the upcoming play They Say it Takes Five Years.
Carla's sassy and soulful style ignites inspiration with her comedy-meets-wellness schtick, seen in her international speaking and one-woman show—Shut the F❤️k Up: Confessions of an Angry Housewife. 
She is the creator of Healing with Humour where ambitious women experiencing stress or burnout connect & collaborate to find the funny faster so they can heal from life’s traumedies more easily. 
Because life, not funny...but we can always laugh, until tears run down our legs.

Your Weekend Sanctuary...

The Exquisite

Fairmont, Jasper Park Lodge