Carla White Transformational Mentor, Speaker and Best Selling Author

Speaker, Author, Reignite Your Spark Mentor

Carla White Transformational Mentor, Speaker and Best Selling Author

Speaker, Author, Reignite Your Spark Mentor


As a recovering perfectionist, who was once over-tired, overwhelmed, and over-booked, I know all too well what burn out feels like.  I also know how

empowering, energtic & joyful

life can be once you learn how to extinguish what’s holding you back, stoke your heart’s desires, and trailblaze your way to an extraordinary life. 

It’s time to get

Fired Up!



3 Time Best Selling Author

Reignite Your Spark: Simple Steps To Extinguish Stress and Go From Burned Out to Fired UP March 2018!






My candid conversations and uncensored obserations.  Don’t miss it!


Soul care

It starts with you

Resources you need to make the positive shifts necessary for your well-being.

Working With YOU

Reignite your spark


I work with ambitious women to transform and reenergize their lives.  

Praise & Rave Reviews

  • “Carla is a truly engaging speaker, inspiring the audience through masterful storytelling and experiential learning. Her presentations are as entertaining as they are empowering.

    Through a fascinating, powerful blend of humour and wisdom, Carla helps people transform their work, their relationships and their life.”

    Danne Reed
    3x-International-Best-Selling Author and Founder of Fashionably Late Productions 

  • “Carla is an excellent speaker who has a unique way of sharing her story, and yet connecting that to the relevant experience of her audience.

    She is warm, engaging, humorous, and highly impactful with respect to her message and her delivery.

    She is also focused in her delivery, and cares a great deal about her listeners.

    I strongly recommend Carla as a speaker to your events, because she will consistently deliver what is needed.”

    Abe Brown Momentum Coaching, Inc.
    Momentum Coaching, Inc.
  • When Carla started speaking all our hearts opened up to her.

    "We may have started the night off as strangers but as the night progressed we formed an unspoken connection with the other people in the room."

    Holy Trinity High School student
  • “Carla is an exemplary speaker and trainer, and a wonderfully positive and good-hearted person.

    I would highly recommend her for your organization!”

    Dr. Lori Friesen,
    Founder of Five Steps to Finding Your Inner Happy and How Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed In the Classroom
  • “Carla is an exceptional speaker and facilitator.

    She is unique and dynamic in her presentation style, using humour, honesty, and group engagement to support individuals in learning, and setting and achieving goals.

    Carla is a treasure!”

    Janene Hickman
    BSW, RSW Support and Wellness Counsellor
  • "Carla White is an amazing asset to the Canfield Training Institute! Her openness, transparency and her ability to read people and lead teams is incredible. Her work ethic plus her experience is something I don’t come across often.

    She is a true leader while inspiring others to lead and get the results they deserve.

    I am proud to call her a Certified Canfield Trainer."

    Patty Aubrey
    President The Canfield Companies
    The Canfield Companies

My mission is to inspire and empower others to live their best life by letting go of limiting thoughts and feelings, tapping into their strengths, and believing in their extraordinary potential.


Candid conversations, real and relaxed Carla White
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  • Carla White Transformational Mentor, Speaker and Best Selling Author
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  • Candid conversations, real and relaxed Carla White
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