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Carla's Cocktail Confessional

How are you limiting yourself?

When I was training to become a Success Principles trainer one of the exercises was to get feedback on how we were limiting ourselves. A dear friend said, “Carla, I see you limiting yourself by using humour to deflect your pain.”


I thought I was using my humour to make people laugh and feel better. Hell, I was doing it to make ME feel better. The problem was, I didn’t feel better. And he wasn’t wrong.

Back then I used a lot of self-deprecating humour that...

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Sip, Sip Horray


This. This is how I felt many times since the pandemic started. A little crazy and a whole lotta #angryhousewife 

Fortunately, things are starting to get a little more back to, I won't say normal, just a little less restricted and a lot more fun!



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