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When Your Friday Feeling is Not So Fab!

It's Feel Fab Friday!! I do hope that YOU're feeling fabulous. That, after all is the goal—to have more high vibe, happy moments—more fun, more fulfillment and more freedom.

And the truth is that many people are NOT feeling fabulous...including me today!

I'm in a bit of a funk and I'm honouring that by upping my soul care today. Which, I will get to right after I finish writing you this note.

There was a time when my "dark night of the soul" went on for days, weeks and even years. I often say, "Whoever called it a dark night of the soul...underestimated the timeline."

I now do things differently by giving myself permission to face-feel-deal+heal whatever emotions are coming up for me. The sooner I do that...the quicker I feel better. 



My 'funk' has been building momentum all week. It's been a week of frustrations, a freak out, and feeling empathy for family and friends that are going through difficult times.

  • frustration - arrived home after a fabulous trip to help mom and dad + spend time at one of my favourite spots in the world (Jasper Park Lodge) to have my husband tell me that the washing machine broke so I needed to deal with that cause "he didn't have time" I drained it and ran it through and felt a moment of righteousness about how smart I am πŸ€ͺ
  • freak out - I have misplaced my wedding rings and family ring, like weeks ago, and I was telling myself they would show up if I stayed calm and didn't freak out. They.have.not. so I had a little freak out about that 🀬...oh, and I didn't fix the washer which I discovered by opening it and flooded the laundry room. 😱
  • feeling sad, concerned and empathetic for
    • the member of our community who reached out last week to say her husband had passed away.
    • a friend who is in hospital in serious condition.
    • a friend who said she just feels angry when she tries to write in her gratitude journal
    • family members struggling with health issues
    • family struggling with big decisions impacting their emotional well-being.

I tell you all this so you can see you are not alone, if you too are experiencing a case of the "fuglies"

Today, my Soul Care includes:

1. ✍🏻 Journalling - mostly taken care of with this post. πŸ™πŸ» for listening...sharing is cathartic.

2. 😭 Have the good cry that I've been suppressing for a few days.  #sitwiththesadness

2. πŸ₯° Do an extra thing (or three) from my #joylist

3. 😒 Watch a sad movie (to see if I've got any residual tears)

4. 🎢 Listen to some music to shift my state of being.

5. πŸ˜† Do something silly, fun or frivolous to #findthefunnyfaster



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