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Stressed Out?

Maxed Out?

Burned Out?

Let me show you how to relax, rejuvenate & reenergize by DOing less and BEing more...YOU

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Community for classy, sassy & badassy women

If you like to drink...water, wine or cocktails🍸.

If you cuss a little and are ok with a well-placed F feelings, fun, fulfillment or freedom 😘

Or if you run on caffeine, and inappropriate're everything I ever wanted as a friend...and as a member of my community!


It's completely free and wildly intoxicating.

You can expect weekly-ish emails, filled with wit, wisdom and wellness insights. Content that invites you to:

  • DO less and BE more…YOU
  • Find the Funny Faster to reclaim, rejuvenate and re-energize your health and happiness
  • Heal with Humour

All created to help you FEEL better. Every. Damn. Day

Yes, it may contain random words I make up and occasional swear words (I’m particularly fond of F words and yes I do sometimes use THE F word 😳


Just kidding, a well placed “F❤️k” has been used. So, if you offend yourself by colourful adult language, we’re probably not a good fit 🥰


You’ll have access to the Cocktail Confessional and coming soon, we will be setting up our private community space – an online virtual sanctuary where we can have meaningful conversations about what’s important to you.

Still reading? I love you already…come on in!



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