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 Done with exhaustion, anxiety & burnout?

Ready to powerfully live & lead with ease, FUN, and joy? 

If you're a woman in business or leadership, let me show you how to relax, rejuvenate & reenergize by  BEing more...YOU so you can DO what you need to do to HAVE the results you desire!

It's an innovative approach to Feminine Success

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Community for connection and amping up Play, Fun, & Laughter

If you like to drink...water, wine or cocktails🍸.

If you cuss a little and are ok with a well-placed F feelings, fun, fulfillment or freedom 😘

Or if you run on caffeine, and inappropriate're everything I ever wanted as a friend...and as a member of our community!


It's completely free and wildly intoxicating.

You can expect weekly-ish emails, filled with wit, wisdom and wellness insights. Including invitations to trainings and experiences to both celebrate, and transform your life. Content that invites you to:

  • DO less and BE more…YOU
  • Find the FUN Faster to reclaim, rejuvenate and re-energize your health and happiness
  • Heal with Humour
  • Give yourself permission to play!

You'll also have the opportunity to hear about upcoming trainings and programs designed for you to ~ 

 Clarify what you really want to magnify your desires and dreams

 Clear the fear, limiting doubts, worries, beliefs, and emotions preventing you from being, doing, and having your biggest heart's desires.

 Confidently, step into your power, purpose and passions to realize your dreams. 

 Create your simple, sustainable MAP (make-anything-possible) plan to living and loving your life!

Yes, it may contain random words I make up and occasional swear words (I’m particularly fond of F words and yes I do sometimes use THE F word 😳


Just kidding, a well placed “F❤️k” has been used. So, if you offend yourself by colourful adult language, we’re probably not a good fit 🥰


You’ll have access to the Cocktail Confessional where there's resources, stories, videos...all designed to make you smile, laugh, and feel more joy in your life.

Still reading? I love you already…come on in!

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