How Women in Midlife must Recalibrate their Nervous System to Thrive after Drama, Trauma, and Life Shitastrophies  

This masterclass is for you if:


Perimenopause or menopause have you feeling out of control with your body & life


You’re chronically overwhelmed & overextended


You’re feeling isolated and alone to solve the nagging dissatisfaction you’re feeling


You’re experiencing an agonizing and confusing gap between your daily life and the aspirations of what you want to create



Ready to reclaim your power to create the life you’re most yearning for?

You'll learn how to:

  • Change what you’ve been tolerating, accepting and experiencing in positive & sustainable ways
  • Effortlessly resolve & dissolve the invisible barriers—old limiting beliefs & patterns that show up as stress, anxiety and tension
  • Get to the root cause of feeling “not enough” or “too much”
  • Exchange the everyday for a deep sense of well-being and JOY
  • Experience more fun, fulfilment, & freedom
  • Learn how to DO less and BE... more YOU


 When is NOW a good time to step into your extraordinary potential?


You CAN get your joyful self back and reignite your spark to start BEing your most powerful, passionate, authentic self - replenished & invigorated.

Recalibrate Your Nervous System

Hosted by Carla White, wellness expert, transformation catalyst, humourist. Host of the Permission to Play Show and Creator of Regenopause

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