The Carla Effect

I work with ambitious  women to TRANSFORM AND REENERGIZE THEIR LIVES.



The Carla Effect

I work with ambitious  women to TRANSFORM AND REENERGIZE THEIR LIVES.


Do you have a tendency to give more than you receive, have trouble saying NO, and it’s a challenge to reach out for support or ask for assistance?

Have a hard time relaxing and feel like there’s never enough hours in the day? Often wonder, “Is this all there is?”

Do you have perfectionistic tendencies and your inner critic is deafening? Are you overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin?

Feel crazy busy or scattered and don’t seem to be getting the results you want? Or you do not take the time to acknowledge your own success?

Stressed or worried about…well…EVERYTHING? Are you burnt out and exhausted from all the expectations?

Mom guilt. Period. Full Stop!!! 

First, let me be clear…

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. You are extraordinary. This is about maximizing YOUR potential, getting clear on what YOU want and breakthrough any blocks to your success, happiness and inspired life.

My Mentorship Programs:

1. One-on-One Mentorship Programs

If you are ready to Show up and go from BURNED OUT TO FIRED UP, then let’s chat.


I have been there, and navigated my way through—learning new lessons, extinguishing old habits, creating mindset practices and have had the honour and privilege to be mentored by some of the top thought leaders in human potential.

Mentoring is about DOING less and BEING more. You will:

  1. Discover and define what YOU want and need.
  2. Overcome fears, doubts, and anxiety to move forward with confidence.
  3. Learn to shift and focus your thoughts and perspective.
  4. Develop nourishing soul-care practices.

Connect with Carla today for a complimentary discovery call to overcome your barriers and own your gifts and greatness!

2. Transformational Business Club For Soul Centered Women


Ready to realize more of your life and business dreams in 2018?

Want to get out of overwhelm, uncertainty, and the stress spiral so you prevent burnout and instead, ignite your soulful success?

Craving Meaningful Masterminding with like-minded women in business so you can avoid isolation and create inspired connections?

Join Alberta’s premier collaborative community and transformational business club in 2018 and get on the fast track to empowered and purposeful results you desire and deserve!

3. Live Retreats

MY LIVE RETREATS ARE AN intimate, exclusive and soul nourishing  opportunity, set in beautiful surroundings so you can RELAX, Reenergize and FOCUS ON 



I’m currently planning my next transformational retreat so  STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT LIVE RETREAT DATES!

4. Soul Care Seminar 3 Month Solution





Stir Your Soul

Power Up your Potential

Activate your Awareness

Rock Your Resilience

Kick Ass with Intentional Action

5. Energized & Engaged Corporate Retreats

Tailored to the needs of your organization, Carla and her team’s acclaimed program provides the resources and tools you need to make the positive shifts necessary for your well being.  

Our proven success habits and experiential training techniques allow employees to put these skills into practice immediately.



Based on the HIGHLY ACCLAIMED Fatigued and Frustrated to Energized and Engaged program, the Corporate Retreats offer:

  • Compassionate empowerment for employees with stressful, demanding jobs that are likely to experience work related stress, anxiety, fatigue and/or trauma
  • Tools for your team to combat fatigue, stress, and conflict, develop sustainable success habits and strategies
  • Build team commitment, leadership enhancement, and employee excellence
  • Help your employees to facilitate connection with themselves and colleagues
  • Improve communication and promote a positive culture within your organization. 


Full Disclosure

What set’s me apart?

I’m a dreamer but I get s#*t done and have fun doing it!

I want to empower you to recognize and achieve what YOU really want, and I bring my intellect and intuition to guide you with heart and humour.

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