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"Humour doesn't mask the pain it let's it out"

When you need an entrepreneurial female CEO entertainer who blends her comedy-meets-wellness schtik into an actionable and eye-opening experience...Carla White is your perfect keynote or inspirational thought-leader.

Building on 30 years experience of empowering individuals in both health and happiness, Carla ignites passion and inspiration in her audiences when she shares how to feel and heal from life's drama, trauma and shitastrophy's

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Carla is a truly engaging speaker, inspiring the audience through masterful storytelling. Her presentations are as entertaining as they are empowering. Through a fascinating, powerful blend of humour and wisdom, Carla helps people transform their work, their relationships and their life.

~Danne Reed, CEO Fashionably Late Productions


When Carla started speaking all our hearts opened up to her. We may have started the night off as strangers but as the night progressed we formed an unspoken connection with the other people in the room. Once Carla began speaking I did not want her to stop, her words were energizing and inspiring.

~Michelle M.



Thank you Carla for a night of laughs and tears. Your honesty and humor are one of a kind. What a gift you gave to us tonight. Thanks for Reigniting my Spark!

~Lisa S.


A-MAZING show tonight!!! Especially loved the end!!!


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