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Experience Healing with Humour

Authentic Confidence  * Calm  * Connection


You are dealing with so much in your day to day life—demands on your time, numerous roles, heavy responsibilities and expectations—creating an unforgiving and chronic cycle of mental and emotional overload. You may even be feeling discouraged and depleted.


Everything changes when you are having fun. 


Laughing, play and fun may feel frivolous or an indulgence that you don’t have the time or energy for. What if it was easy?  What if you used laughter as your medicine? What if you leaned into joy to find the funny faster—in the situation, in your relationships and, in your life?


Humour alleviates tension and stress. When your central nervous system is in a truly relaxed state, the body's natural ability to restore, revitalize and heal itself, kicks in.  You too, can use humour for the health of it!


When you find the funny faster, you:

  • Gain clarity on what YOU want
  • Connect to your innate power to be, do and have all your heart’s desires
  • Unlock your creativity, innovation and enjoyment of life
  • Clear the fear, doubts and worries to relax into authentic confidence
  • Reclaim your health, sanity and serenity


Let’s find the funny faster and heal with humour together.

Pour a cocktail and join the


masterclass PARTY!