My Books 3 time Best Selling Author

Reignite Your Spark: Simple Steps to Extinguish Stress and Go From Burned Out to Fired Up

LAUNCHING March 2018

My Books 3 time Best Selling Author

Reignite Your Spark: Simple Steps to Extinguish Stress and Go From Burned Out to Fired Up

LAUNCHING March 2018

chicken soup

Chicken soup for the soul: The Spirit of Canada

Authored the chapter Found in the Fire

fashionable late

Fashionably Late: Real Life Stories of (Finally!) Showing Up

Authored the chapter Forged By Fire

success university

Success University for Women:

Authored the chapter What’s So Funny About Success


Reignite Your Spark:

Simple Steps to Extinguish Stress and Go From Burned Out To Fired Up

“Reignite Your Spark is an insightful and relatable book, in which Carla recounts her journey from the darkness of depression to the light of love and laughter, in which she shares the powerful and meaningful lessons she learned on her search for happiness and fulfillment.  The book is easy to read because Carla writes with such awareness, vulnerability, and humor.” 

Foreword by Jack Canfield, Coauthor of The Success Principles and the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series.

This book is a masterpiece for modern women! Journey with Carla as she navigates the trials of life—during a transformative ten-day silent meditation retreat—discovering the path from stressed to serene!



Reignite Your Spark is an impactful and entertaining narrative portraying the story of a woman who barely sat still long enough to close her eyes, let alone to sit in meditation for days on end. Laser sharp wit and warmth provides wisdom and insights into the mindfulness world from a high achieving, academic, perfectionist. This is the ultimate guide to rediscovery and resilience. Simple steps create a blueprint for women to break through the limiting beliefs and blocks that keep them from happiness and can ultimately lead to profound healing.

Humourous and heartfelt, Reignite Your Spark is for every woman who spends her life living for and taking care of others. She’s the woman who stumbles out of bed, more exhausted than refreshed, applies a smile to her face as though it is part of her makeup, and dashes out the door as a strong, got-it-together superwoman. On the outside, the world sees a woman raising her children, being a supportive spouse, and contributing to the workplace, and or community charities. On the inside she feels overworked, overwhelmed, over-extended, and worst of all, under-appreciated. Her inner dialogue is deafening and filled with unmet expectations, self-doubt, criticism, and guilt. Each day she shows up as a wife, mother, and a woman, valiantly going through the motions of life, silently longing for more confidence, fulfillment, fun, and laughter. She may have put her own dreams and aspirations on hold, or they are buried so deep she doesn’t know what she truly wants and needs. She holds out hope that she will one day return to the person she used to be—energized, enthused, and excited about her life. Each night she falls into bed, hoping tomorrow her to-do list will be shorter––or better yet, she is able to escape to a deserted island where no one needs anything from her.

Reignite Your Spark is for those people looking for more—seeking truth, meaning, and peace of mind. It is educational, entertaining, and highly impactful. It is a touching story about love, laughter, and letting go.

From The Publisher

Written with a rich sense of humour, you will laugh at Carla’s wit sprinkled into every situation, cheer for her through the ups and downs, and fall in love with her both as a writer and as a person.

Chicken Soup For The Soul

The Spirit of Canada

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, this book brings together 101 stories about everything Canadian.

These true personal stories are like love letters to this vast and beautuful country.  You’ll read about winter snow and summer cottages, hockey and national spirit, wilderness and wildlife, the cultural mosiac, that famous Canadian hospitality, and everything else that makes Canada unique.


There was fear and severe loss to grieve; yet I had “found” and witnessed so much more. Part of the healing process was finding the “good” or light in the darkness of this catastrophic event.

What we found in the fire on May 3, 2016 burned long after the last flame was extinguished over a month later. The purest and richest of human virtues had emerged in epic proportions. It was profound. It was powerful, and yes sometimes it was overwhelming—in a way that made my eyes leak and my heart soar.

Fashionably Late:

Real Life Stories of (Finally!) Showing Up!

Have you dreamed of paying off debt or starting your own business or taking up a new hobby? Have you tried and failed to lose weight or heal from a past hurt or develop a talent you know you’d be great at? Are you beginning to think you’ll never make that dream happen? The women who share their stories in this book have been there, too. Each of them came to a point in life where they knew something had to change. Each in their own way chose a new path and made their dream a reality. And you can, too! Let their courage inspire you and their ideas guide you. Just like them, you have all you need to make your dreams come true!


The hour before had been frantic. Watching the orange glow of the sky as the fire approached, trying and failing to contact my kids at school, calling Stew home from work, attempting to pack not only the essentials for a family of five, but a lifetime of memories in a few short moments, and then hearing the emergency evacuation alert beacon scream through the radio. Adrenaline was coursing through me like water through a firehose.

We escaped our small subdivision, nestled in the valley, just as the first flames were visible behind our house.

success university

Success University for Women

Wisdom Working For You

Twenty-four successful women from around the world faced their fears and obstacles with courage, humor, and authenticity.  Their transparency and vulnerability is truly inspirational.

If you’re struggling with difficult people or stress, low self-esteem or no energy, these stories will shore up your courage, restore your faith, ignite your passion and help you expand your limits.  You’ll find clarity, how to be open, and how determination will lead you to success.

Whether you’re just starting out in your career, or are a seasoned professional, Success University for Women — Wisdom Working for You, will provide you with the necessary tools to truly succeed in life and business.

Sneak peak:

I had gone from the depths of depression and raging crazy person to a recovering perfectionist able to turn my messes into a successful stand up routine. All those years in high school as a goofy class clown doing the occasional imitation of Mrs. Haviggins from The Carol Burnett Show culminated in that moment as I stood center stage and heard people laugh. I got my first standing ovation! Later my husband admitted that I am funny and do have a sense of humour. Now thats success!


Carla White

With over three decades of experience as a consultant, facilitator and yes, one of the first female Emergency Services Firefighters, Carla White earned her badassery badge by rising from the ashes of life’s literal and figurative fires.

Today, she’s on a mission to educate, empower and inspire others to STOP letting life’s inevitable fires burn them to the ground and START reigniting their own SPARK.