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What the Heck is Healing With Humour?

healing humor humour Nov 25, 2021

Healing with humour is a revolution! It's about transforming the way we look at our emotional health and well-being.

Its about navigating ALL the FEELINGs - the good, "the bad" and the fugly (those are the ones that make you go WTF - where did that come from?).

A client recently told me that mental health is "heavy" and a serious issue.   Yup! And that's part of the problem. 

Anybody else a chronic over thinker? Stress and anxiety are mostly stories we make up in our head - and our mind believes whatever we tell it. But the body doesn't lie - those emotions that we FEEL are telling us the REAL story.  

Emotions are energy in motion. Emotions are messages from your soul - what I call the Sanctuary of Unconditional Love. And the secret to healing is to pay attention to them.

Healing With Humour is about the truth. In order to get real with yourself -- you've got to cry and you've got to get mad and you've got to face the shit that you've put off and buried for far too long.

Healing isn't hard - it's just messy AF!

And I use humour for the health of it: 

- Humour alleviates tension and stress. When your central nervous system is in a truly relaxed state, the body's natural ability to restore, revitalize and heal itself kicks in.

- Humour releases the tension of the story we tell ourselves. 

Healing With Humour is about helping you  unleash your personal power to  heal the negative emotions -- the inner doubts, fears and worries that are keeping you stuck and struggling.

Healing With Humour is about getting clarity on what is and isn’t working for you... If you feel like somethings missing and you have a deep longing (that nagging voice of inner critic) for joy, happiness, success.

Healing With Humour helps you discover what that is for YOU. 

Healing With Humour is about getting to the root cause of your stress, anxiety or dissatisfaction with your situation... and find the part of you that is holding on for dear life, that part of you that has doubts and fears and doesn't yet believe 100% in your greatness and your gifts 

Healing With Humour helps you reconnect with the extraordinary person that you are. 

Healing With Humour is about tapping in to your inner knowingness and unshakable clarity about who you are... and that NOTHING can stop you. 

Healing With Humour is about radical self-acceptance and love

If you want to find out more about how to heal with humour, click here to watch my free masterclass...Find the Funny Faster.


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