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What Do You REALLY Want?


Today, I want to talk about dreams and desires. What are your dreams and desires, especially the ones that you might have let go of long ago?

I remember going to my very first Jack Canfield event. And one of the exercises that we did was "What Do You Want?". And I recognized that here I was, like 45 years old. I had been adulting for quite some time. And it was a moment for me to actually like focus in on what do I want, not what my family or my parents want for me or what society wants, but what do I want?

It was this Aha moment for me. When I stopped and really focused on that, I sort of realized that this was not how I'd been living my life. I've been pushing away a lot of what I want inadvertently, by not focusing on it and not dreaming, because I had stopped dreaming.

It really struck a chord with me out of everything that I learned in that week. That "what do you want?" question kept coming up. So I was returning home from the event and I was standing in the airport looking at a menu on the wall. I was like a deli thing. I was really trying to settle in and ask myself, "what do I want?". Trying to decide based on what I felt -- in my body -- like eating in the moment. It was like this existential moment where I was just standing there kind of lost in all of it.

And this guy comes walking up and I said to him, "Go ahead if you want, because I'm still trying to decide what I want".

And he turns to me and said, "Honey, if I knew what I want, my life wouldn't be such a mess right now". And he walked off.  

It really struck me in that moment how much this seemingly simple concept can impact our lives. So right now I want you to just take a moment and think about --

- What do you want? What do you want your next year to look like?

When we pay attention to those desires -- our hearts desires -- it's actually messages from our soul that are directing us to that next step to go after what we want.

And the reason that we might be feeling stuck or unhappy or stressed is because we're not listening to that. So pay attention to what those desires are. Those wants are giving us messages of about our life.

My annual soul care plan, which is basically my version of a business plan, is where I really look at what are the wants and design and dreams that I'm ready to go after.

One of my favorite exercises that I do in my presentations and retreats is "What do you want?". It had a profound impact on my life when I started to look at what do I want and then go after it.

The very first time I conducted this exercise, I was explaining to the group how it was going to work and we were gonna get in pairs and we were gonna just ask the repeating question - What do you want, what do you want? I was demonstrating the exercise and said something smartassy cuz that's who I am. He asked again "What do you want?"
I replied, "More comfortable shoes".

And again he asked, "What do you want?"

We were two or three levels in and he asked me, "what do you want?"

And I said, "A chocolate brownie".

And right at that moment, the back door of the training room opens up and the catering person brings in a tray of cookies and brownies.

Well, I was maybe surprised, maybe not so surprised. I mean, because that's how "What do you want?" works, right? I decided what I wanted and the universe delivered immediately.

When I told this story at a later event, everybody turned and looked at the door, waiting for the cookies to arrive. They didn't right then, but the really cool part is that at the end of the day, I was packing up my stuff and there, sitting right on top of my bag was a brownie. Someone had gone out and made sure that it happened.

And this is part of the joy of living in that belief that what we want matters. When we ask for what we want, we'll get it at some point. It's one of my absolute favorite parts of the law of attraction. 

So think for a few minutes about what it is that you want and what dreams have you maybe put on the shelf. Isn't it time to go after all of your wants, dreams and desires.

Because truly they're the answers to what you need.


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