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Our Holiday Style - A Little Classy, A Lot of Sassy!

celebrate cocktails holiday Nov 24, 2021

I wanted to share a quick post on my holiday preparations -- I'm getting the BAR ready for Christmas!

- There's the beautiful arrangement that was made for me in my nice wine glass.

- And then there's all the classy drinks too, like the glittery, embossed Be Merry Be Bright glasses.

- And then we get to this corner, which is the FUN side! There's Patrice, our Elf On The Shelf. And if you have followed me before, you know that, Patrice is a bit naughty and brings a little bit of fun and a little bit of excitement to the Whitehouse.

- And then we have some solo cups that Shaelyn made last year with the phrase "Drink Up, Grinches!" 

That's us, we're sassy. A little classy, but mainly sassy.

What's YOUR holiday style? 


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