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How are you limiting yourself?

When I was training to become a Success Principles trainer one of the exercises was to get feedback on how we were limiting ourselves. A dear friend said, “Carla, I see you limiting yourself by using humour to deflect your pain.”


I thought I was using my humour to make people laugh and feel better. Hell, I was doing it to make ME feel better. The problem was, I didn’t feel better. And he wasn’t wrong.

Back then I used a lot of self-deprecating humour that chipped away at my already fragile ego and debilitatingly low self esteem. And THAT was what I had to heal. Well, my self esteem, and all the unprocessed, unresolved—grief, anger, sadness, disappointment, resentment...did I say anger?

I had to FEEL it and heal it to get to the funny faster, the good funny—the one based on love and joy—where the laughter is genuine and infectious. I have used my humour to deflect the pain until I was ready to resolve it AND I use humour to heal myself and my clients.

I see it differently now.

Humour doesn’t mask the pain, it lets it out.

It releases the tension of the story we tell ourselves.

When we can see ourselves from a funny place,

We realize we’re going to be ok.

In fact we're going to be better than OK, we are going to be fucking awesome.

If you want to find out how to resolve and heal your grief, anger and pain—to find the funny faster in your life watch my free masterclass.



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