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Carla White

“Reigniting your spark requires equal parts smarts and heart. Intellect AND intuition. A willingness to BE vulnerable while also becoming more visible.”


I have used my life experience, personal tests and soul work to forge a life to helping others through my books, my speaking, mentorship programs and humour.  



Real And


What sets me apart in the personal development industry is that I have a lifetime of real world experience helping people reignite their lives – literally!




Fire Fighter


From my own experiences with burnout and depression during my nursing career to one of the first female Emergency Services Fire Fighters who specialized in dealing with crisis and chaos to my personal experiences with resiliency after surviving the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire, Canada’s largest and most expensive natural disaster in history,

I know a thing or two about bouncing back from life’s rock bottom moments.

I started my career as a nurse over 20 years ago. After working in the field for many years, I was searching for adventure and challenge, and became a Fire Fighter and Emergency Response Professional.

Having seen first hand the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual stress such intense careers cause, I recognized the need for compassionate care for those individuals offering assistance in traumatic situations. 

To the core, I am one of those lover’s of life, but I was getting weighed down and I knew I need to fix it for my own happiness.

Life began to open up for me when I stopped taking myself so seriously. Happiness and contentment came naturally after I learned to let go of long held beliefs, stories, and drama that kept me stuck. By doing so, I learned to love the quirky, quick witted, quintessential somewhat of a diva that I am!

My passion grew to help people who are fatigued, frustrated, and fed up re-energize their life, renew their outlook, and refresh their soul. And I forged my way from dealing strictly with workers and companies from Crisp Connections to helping people reignite their lives and sharing some love and laughter along the way.

Acceptance & learning to

Letting Go

I don’t pretend to have all the answers. In fact I consider myself a work in progress – always learning and growing. I’m a recovering perfectionist and I have learned to let go of guilt, shame and regrets. I have kicked my inner critic to the curb.

 But I still experience fears and moments of self-doubt. Who doesn’t, right? The trick is to acknowledge it, move through it, reach out for support if needed and take action anyway.

I choose to show up in the world authentically with love, kindness and a sense of humour.

From The Ashes

Fired Up & Resilient

Best Selling Author, Speaker and Transformational Mentor

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With over three decades of experience

As a mentor, facilitator, consultant, and yes, as an actual fire fighter, I am on a mission to educate, empower, and inspire others to STOP letting life’s literal and figurative fires burn their lives to the ground.

Having over 30 years experience as a professional speaker and trainer, as well as an executive mom, wife, care giver and daughter/sister/friend I know first hand that the world keeps moving more quickly every day.

I have developed a signature set of Resiliency Tools that has proven to successfully shift individuals and audiences around the world from stuck and stressed to refueled and reignited! Part powerful mindset practices, part life and business skill building, I use all my heart, soul, humour to help individuals and audiences around the world start their transformation.

For decades, I have worked directly with companies and government officials to lend my real world expertise and consulting to their unique resiliency issues. From advising human resource departments on crisis management to working with some of the world’s top thought leaders as a Human Potential consultant to re-energizing teams, empowering groups, and being a catalyst for high impact change, I am passionate about delivering leading edge content and programs for high achievers, peak performers, and motivated entrepreneurs.


I am more

inspired, motivated & focused

than I’ve ever been with the work I’m doing and helping others find their way.


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